Valentines Mini Sessions

I was really worried about the weather for these sessions… it rained all day the previous day, and had a 100% chance of rain on our chosen Saturday morning! I prepared for the worst… there’s a lovely venue in Los Gatos with a covered pavilion that would provide us with a dry place to do a few photos. I asked my clients to bring their umbrellas, especially after my very first photo shoot turned out so well! When I arrived at the park a few minutes early, I was giddy: NO RAIN! Somehow, this 100% chance of rain turned into 100% chance of cloudy and it was the perfect setup for photos! Thanking God that the weather held out and gave us more options.

It was a delight to work with both Elizabeth and Amanda… two lovely ladies looking for some updated photos! It’s a great day when both the setting and my subjects are gorgeous. 🙂

Elizabeth COLLAGE



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