Photography Project – Lensbaby

A lot of photographers do things like a “Project 365” deal where they attempt to take, edit, and post a photo of their life, every day! This can help keep creative juices flowing. Doing a photo a day is a little ambitious for me, so I am trying a project that’s a little less daunting. I acquired a fun little lens last summer called a LensBaby (check out their website!) that creates some really cool effects on your photos. I’ve decided to take, edit, and post one (or two!) photos per week using my LensBaby. I have the Sweet Composer Pro with 35 Optic, and I love what it does to my images! It can be challenging because there is no auto-focus; I have to manually focus each shot, and I have a habit of squinting into my viewfinder, which doesn’t help. But I hope you will enjoy this project with me as I learn to be more comfortable with this particular lens and shooting lifestyle!


Hubby and I took a walk around our neighborhood over the weekend during “golden hour” (right before sunset) and he was gracious enough to allow me to stop every 100 feet and take a couple shots. Here are a few of my favorites!


Lensbaby006 WM

Lensbaby019 WM

Lensbaby027 WM