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Frequently Asked Questions

-What do other clients think of your sessions?
You can check out past and current client reviews on my Yelp page!
-Why can’t I have ALL of the photos you took during our session?
There's a two-part answer to this:
  1. I take duplicates to ensure that I captured each moment perfectly and to make sure you have options, both horizontal and vertical. You reaaaaaally don't need to see half a dozen of almost exactly the same shot! I choose the best one/s.
  2. Not every photo comes out perfectly; sometimes somebody blinks or I need to tweak my settings.  I spend time carefully editing your photos to make sure that you receive the best possible result.
-What do I receive with my photography package?
Check out my pricing page for all the details! If you don't see something that fits, just shoot me an email and we can put together a personalized package just for you!
-You don’t have a studio; where do we take the photos?
I love natural light, as you know, so I always shoot outdoors or at locations with great natural lighting. There are many beautiful parks and outdoor spaces in Silicon Valley to choose from! I even do some fun sessions in more urban settings like downtown San Jose and Pruneyard Shopping Center. We can choose a location based on what you are looking for. Some of my "usual" spots include Bernal Ranch and Almaden Lake Park in San Jose, Linda Vista Park in Cupertino, and Central Park in Santa Clara, but I am always open to exploring new places! There is a travel fee (based on mileage) for any locations more than 25 miles from San Jose (95123).
-What should I wear to my session?
Great question! My big thing is, no matching! Don't have everyone wearing exactly the same thing. Instead, focus on coordinating your colors and patterns; find things that work well together. Try to avoid solid black or solid white as these are difficult to expose properly and get blown out (white) or waaaaay too dark (black). Busy/tiny patterns are also difficult for the camera to render properly, so if you want to wear a pattern, go big or go home! Solids and layers work really well, as do larger patterns.
Here are a couple blog posts, courtesy Click It Up A Notch, that give a few ideas and suggestions. I could re-hash what she says, but she truly does a better job of breaking it down than I do!